Overview of knowledge and education projects

Energy Transition Model

GasTerra is the main sponsor of the Energy Transition Model (ETM) developed by Quintel Intelligence. This model allows the effects of energy-related choices to be visualised. The model was used in 2013 in establishing the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth. The ETM is accessible online via Meanwhile, a 3D model of the ETM has also been developed. Just like the other versions of the ETM, this model will be used for education.

Energy Academy Europe

GasTerra actively contributes to the EAE (Energy Academy Europe). In doing so, we work very closely with the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and the Energy Valley Foundation. The EAE offers vocational college and graduate courses in the fields of energy, and also invests in research and innovation. This follows on from GasTerra's objective to broaden and deepen knowledge about energy and the energy issue.

The EAE opened its doors in September 2012 admitting 300 students. The aim is to expand this number in ten years' time to 3,000 students at vocational college and university level, inter alia by interesting overseas students. The EAE is also working through Energy College on programmes in which vocational students at secondary school level can participate. The EAE aims to become the pre-eminent international institute of education for energy-related studies, an internationally respected 'centre of excellence'.

The EAE has an 'energy testing ground' called EnTranCe (Energy Transition Centre). This is where innovative projects and applications which are needed for the energy transition and which interface with gas, are developed and tested. In 2013, EnTranCe has been increasingly taking shape; thus in 2013, eight fuel cells, a hybrid central heating boiler (small electric heat pump combined with a high efficiency combi-boiler), two mini-CHPs based on a gas turbine and a low-cost new generation of solar boilers were installed there to be tested and monitored. Also at EnTranCe, the extent to which verge cuttings can be used as biomass for the production of green gas is being researched. In the context of the ambition to develop the EAE into an international educational institution, in 2013, GasTerra along with the other parties together paid a visit to Brussels in order to bring EnTranCe to the attention of the politicians there. 

Energy Podium Dinners

In 2013, for the second year in a row, GasTerra organised 12 energy podium dinners at various places in the country. During these dinners, the main topics on energy and energy transition were discussed. At each dinner, a keynote speaker at CEO level gave an introduction to a select group of people at the top of journalism, politics, social organisations, the business community, science and the energy world. Based on the energy transition model, the attendees discussed a preselected energy theme. This cross-sector approach provides a new view of the opportunities and bottlenecks for clean, economical and reliable energy provision. 

Duurzame Dinsdag (Sustainable Tuesday)

The Duurzame Dinsdag initiative is demanding attention for innovative sustainable ideas from society at large that contribute towards making the Netherlands more sustainable. Duurzame Dinsdag gives politicians an indication of what is needed in legislation and regulation to be able to innovate and operate sustainably. On Tuesday, 3 September, Secretary of State Wilma Mansveld accepted the Duurzame Dinsdag suitcase on behalf of the Cabinet. This suitcase was filled with over 300 sustainable initiatives of enterprises, organisations and citizens. GasTerra is a sponsor of Duurzame Dinsdag and within this initiative bestows the GasTerra Energy Prize. In 2013, this prize was won by Mr Joop de Kock with his project RestNRG. This project investigates the possibilities for converting low-grade heat into electricity. GasTerra put Mr De Kock into contact with EnTranCe, the 'testing ground' for the energy transition and part of the Energy Academy Europe in Groningen. 

ETM student meetings

In December 2013, the kick-off took place for a series of meetings with students and young graduates. During these meetings, the Energy Transition Model (ETM) is the focus. Based on the energy choices and the impact of these choices, which can be visualised via the ETM, discussions on the energy transition will occur. The meetings are organised by Yes-DC. This party was the winner of the 2012 GasTerra Energy Prize, part of Duurzame Dinsdag. 

Energy Valley Topclub

The Energy Valley Topclub is a collaboration between BAM, GasTerra, Gasunie, Groningen Seaports, Imtech and RWE. These parties see a role for the four top level sport clubs in Groningen (FC Groningen, GasTerra Flames, Abiant/Lycurgus and Nic./Alfa-college) to involve young people in the energy issue. The Topclub has taken two major projects under its wing: Energy Challenges and CleanCampagne. Energy Challenges is a competition in which schools compete against each other to achieve the most energy savings. In 2013, 10 schools participated; in 2014, it is expected that more than 50 schools will participate. The CleanCampagne project inspires SMEs who are supporters of the sports clubs to become more sustainable, by bringing together supply and demand and by showcasing green efforts. In 2013, the Energy Valley Topclub added EnTranCe, the 'testing ground' for the energy transition and part of the Energy Academy Europe in Groningen, as one of its projects. GasTerra is on the board of the Energy Valley Topclub and in 2013 contributed financially to this foundation.

Young Energy Valley

Young Energy Valley is a foundation for young professionals from the Dutch energy industry. Participating organisations are, inter alia, Gasunie, NAM, DNV Kema, EDI, Eneco and Essent. Knowledge sharing and networking are key priorities of the foundation. On behalf of GasTerra, two young professionals are sitting on the board of Young Energy Valley. In addition, GasTerra also contributes financially to this foundation.

On Wednesday, 6 March 2013, Young Energy Valley organised a meeting at GasTerra about the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth. The Chair of the Social Economic Council (SER), Wiebe Draijer, gave an explanation of the Energy Agreement, the parties involved and the issues that will be playing a role in energy policy in the coming decades. The young professionals were challenged to express their views and their innovative ideas for the Energy Agreement. They subsequently processed these after the meeting and incorporated them into a proposal that was submitted to the SER on Friday, 15 March. Ultimately, the results of this were also reflected in the final Energy Agreement for sustainable growth.

GasTerra Annual Transition Prize

In 2013, for the fifth time, the GasTerra Annual Transition Prize was awarded. This annual prize (with €100,000 in prize money) is intended to challenge students in vocational colleges to come up with creative ideas in the field of the transition to a sustainable energy supply. In the first four years, students were asked to come up with their own ideas; in 2013, this was supplemented by issues from the business community. The first prize was won by students of Saxion, who devised a conversion system for central heating radiators. With this system, the heat output of a radiator is significantly increased and the temperature of the heating water can be reduced. This increases the efficiency of a boiler. This also results in the radiators being made suitable for e.g. heat pumps.

Green Dream District

In 2013, GasTerra also sponsored the children's TV programme ​Green Dream District. In Green Dream District, children aged 8 to 14 present their 'most sustainable invention of the year'. Since 2012, the programme no longer appears on National Geographic, but on Disney XD, in order to connect better with the target group. This year, the first prize was awarded to the design of a toothbrush equipped with a mechanical winding system, so that no electricity is needed.


In the Ebbingekwartier in Groningen, the so-called Infoversum is currently under construction. Infoversum will build bridges between art, culture, science and business. There will be films, exhibitions, lectures, concerts and conferences. GasTerra is one of the 'founding fathers' of the Infoversum. 

Jouw Energie van Morgen (Your Energy for Tomorrow)

With the 'Your Energy for Tomorrow' project, the University of Groningen and GasTerra hope to interest students in senior general secondary education and pre-university education in courses that are offered by the Energy Academy Europe. The eye-catcher of the project is a travelling laboratory with adjoining lecture room; a lorry with a twenty metre long trailer, equipped with iPads, solar panels and an extendable windmill. Among other things, this trailer will use the Energy Transition Model. In 2013, the trailer has called at over 150 secondary schools. With that, the goal set in 2013 to visit 100 schools has been easily met.

Watt Nu?

In 2013, as was the case in 2012, GasTerra contributed to the TV programme 'Watt Nu?', both financially and in terms of content. In this programme, well-known and less well-known experts discuss the sustainable energy future of the Netherlands based on the Energy Transition Model. In 2013, ‘Watt Nu?’ was broadcast 12 times on RTL 7 and 60 times on RTL Z. In addition, RTL repeated a total of 56 broadcasts. The discussions were led by presenter Joris Putman. Alliander and Shell were also involved in this programme as co-sponsors.