Summary of sponsorship- and donation projects

Inner Wheel Metakids, auction sale for children with metabolic disorders
Libraries at Pekela, Veendam, Menterwolde Project Scoor een Boek 2013 ("Score a Book" - reading project for children of groups 5 and 6)
Travel Runners Zuidhorn Roparun: relay race in aid of cancer patients (palliative care)
Stichting Der Aa-Kerk Music programme Schnitgers Droom
PDC New Year's reception at Russian Embassy 
Tennis club Albertus Magnus Donation to TAM Open (tennis tournament)
GasTerra Employees Cycling tour around production locations including NAM, Energy Valley, etc. 
Sponsoring of GasTerra employee Participation in Amsterdam City Swim in aid of muscular disease ALS
Noordelijke Proeverij Became a Friend of Noordelijke Proeverij 
Stichting Moermansk Participation of schools in Moermansk (Murmansk) drawings booklet 
Marije van der Werf (8uO) Eight Hours Overtime for a good cause (Good causes in Groningen)
Congres Pro Memorie Participation in congress, workshop and business lunch Pro Memorie Congres
Agentschap NL Participation in Green Gas Grids study tour
Koninklijke Visio FC Groningen season tickets for the blind and the visually impaired
Ubbo Emmius Stadskanaal (Secondary education) Participation in Shell ECO marathon
Rotaract Groningen

Monopoly game in aid of Beatrix Kinderziekenhuis (Children's Hospital)

(listing on board/purchase of 20 items) delivery 2014
Raad voor de Kinderen (Children'’s Council) Basisschool Garnwerd (solar panels)
Kinderkamp Witteveen (Witteveen Children's Camp)

Camp for children from Groningen families who have no financial resources

Park Diepenstroeten  Annual party for residents with mental and physical handicaps
Groningen (ex-)Heart patients association Purchase of AED, in aid of sports and swimming association for heart patients
PhD Day  RUG Congress
Stichting voetbalkamp Groningen (Groningen Football Camp Foundation) Football Camp for children in Groningen/Haren and district
Werktheater Moi (Theatre Group)

Performance by mentally handicapped during Bevrijdingsfestival (Liberation Day Festival) in Groningen

Literature festival Het Grote Gebeuren Contribution to literature festival (Library, Groningen)
GasTerra Employees Initiative Doubling of income from Red Dress Day (in aid of Hartstichting (Heart Foundation)
Bamboo Producties

Christmas family production 'Scrooge' in Groningen (also for clients of Food Bank) and theatre workshop for children of the Food Bank